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  • Kennismaking

Challenge-Based Learning coach (TU/e)

Join our coaching pool, where you will work in close contact with other coaches, and you will get to coach individual students and teams as they address complex, real-life challenges through Challenge-Based Learning. This appointment is 8 hours per week for 1 year and includes an average of 1 hour per week of self-development through our integrated coaching professionalization program.

Innovation Space (iS) coaches play a crucial role in fostering a dynamic learning environment. Their primary aim is to encourage interdisciplinary learning, which goes beyond the confines of individual disciplines. But what does this entail?

Imagine a space where scientists, artists, engineers, and social scientists collaborate. When an IS coach facilitates a workshop or coaches a team in this space, they encourage students to step out of their disciplinary silos and engage with others’ perspectives, recognizing that each discipline brings unique insights. iS coaches do so by embodying “disciplinary humility”: a mindset infused with humility, inclusivity, and respect for diverse ways of knowing, which requires self-awareness—acknowledging our strengths, imperfections, and growth opportunities.

An innovation Space coach…

  • Is an autonomous, self-directed professional, able to deal with uncertainty and a dynamic work and learning environment.
  • Is committed to the creation of a safe learning environment for all students, through coaching.
  • Has experience with coaching and/or, facilitating, mentoring and teaching larger groups, teams, and or individuals.
  • Can switch between these roles though situational leadership and/or is familiar with the concept of situational leadership and can apply it in practice.
  • Can demonstrate they are a pi-shaped professional, with vertical knowledge in one or more STEM expertise domains and horizontal skills, such as interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.
  • Is invested in their own life-long learning and professionalization of their own coaching practice, by attending the provided Coaching Professionalization program by innovation Space.
  • Wants to gain experience with coaching interdisciplinary teams, facilitating self-regulation/team-regulation and personal development processes.

By joining our coaching pool, you will also attend:

  • Introduction to coaching training (4 hours contact – 2 hours self-study)
  • Coaching students in CBL (3 hours contact – 1 hour self-study)
  • Coaching and facilitating interdisciplinary teams training (8 hours contact – 2 hour self-study)
  • 4 intervision lunches per quartile (16 hours)
  • Prepare and bring a case once per quartile (4 hours)

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